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Professional and Research Users of the LUI: If you are a LUI hardcopy user who remains unable to access purchased hardcopies due to COVID-19, please email Daniela at If the LUI is new to you and you would like a complimentary trial of the online LUI, please email Daniela.

The LUI can be purchased in two forms; depending on whether the user wishes to administer it to parents using a hardcopy or online LUI questionnaire. Purchases can be made by credit card, PayPal or with a purchase order. You will asked to select your method of payment during checkout.

The Language Use Inventory is only to be purchased for use by qualified professionals and researchers. Please consult our guidelines regarding User Qualifications, Terms and Conditions, and Copyright Policy. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this statement before you can purchase the LUI and associated materials.

The LUI Online

How it works:

  • You set up a secure account with us at the time of ordering.
  • You provide a secure link to parents that allows them to access the LUI Questionnaire by computer or tablet in your office or remotely at home.
  • Once a parent has submitted the completed LUI, a scored detailed LUI Child Report appears immediately in your secure private account.
  • You are charged one LUI administration when a parent begins completing the LUI.
  • You can purchase LUI online administrations in any custom amount to suit your needs (min. 5) or to distribute to multiple users in your organization.
Online Language Use Inventory Assessments


  • 1 Credit for Online LUI Questionnaire administration
    and corresponding scored LUI Child Report
  • LUI Online User Manual
  • Minimum Order: 5 Assessments

Hardcopy LUI Assessments

How it works:

LUI Starter Kit
  • 25 Language Use Inventories
  • 25 Score Sheets
  • 1 Hardcopy Manual
  • Free Access to online LUI Scoring Calculator and LUI Child Report generation
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LUI Refill Pack
  • 50 Language Use Inventories
  • 50 Score Sheets
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LUI Manual
  • 2009, by Dr. Daniela O'Neill
  • User's guide and technical manual providing detailed instructions for administering, scoring and interpreting the LUI.
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Shipping Required for Hardcopy products!

All orders are shipped from Canada. For orders shipped to countries other than the U.S. and Canada, it is possible that customs, taxes, or import duties may be imposed by the country to which the order is shipped. All such charges are payable by the purchaser.