A standardized parent-report questionnaire to assess pragmatic language development in children 18 to 47 months of age

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Author: Dr. Daniela O'Neill
Age range covered: 18 to 47 months
Who completes it: Parent or Primary Caregiver; professionals score
Time to complete: Parents/Primary Caregiver: 20-30 min.
Areas covered: 14 subscales assess a child's communication in wide range of settings and for broad variety more » of functions including, for example, requesting help, sharing focus of attention, asking and commenting about things and people; guiding interactions with other people; sharing humour; talking about language and words; adapting communication to perspectives of other people; and building longer sentences and stories. « less
Scoring: Online Version: instantaneous; Hardcopy: 5-10 minutes with automated scoring calculator
Scores: Percentile ranks by 1-month age bands
Norms: Based on over 3500 children
Year of Publication: 2009

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Dear Dr. O'Neill,
I just couldn't resist and had to write to you about how happy I am with the LUI. Even though I've just purchased it and only used it on one client, the LUI completely substantiated the client's social ...more » pragmatic deficits (it is a very verbal 3 year old male diagnosed with ASD). Interestingly this was a client who scored within average limits on the CELF-P2, but had severe deficits in the area of language use.

This little guy's parents contacted me for a second opinion after a preschool based SLP assessment indicated that his pragmatic abilities were within normal limits. During my evaluation I was able to note and record numerous social pragmatic deficits informally, but it was even better when I was able to use a standardized tool (LUI) to substantiate my findings.

While I always maintained that school aged children can score WNL on comprehensive language tests (e.g., CELF-4) and still display profound deficits in the area of social pragmatic functioning, up until I've used your test I was not able to convince colleagues that the same is true of significantly younger children as well. Now I will be able to accomplish the above more easily.

Thank you so much again Regards,

Tatyana E.
Speech-Language Pathologist, New Jersey, USA

I ‘m an SLP working with many children with ASD and I just wanted to say thank you for developing this tool. It’s made it much easier to assess children who are verbal and to give functional feedback and suggestions to families and behavioural intervention teams.

Lisa T.
Speech-Language Pathologist, British Columbia, Canada
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