LUI Translations

Translations are currently underway by researchers in 15 countries as summarized in this table. In addition, for researchers, digital versions of the LUI for REDCap and Qualtrics have been developed under license (please contact Daniela directly at regarding digital versions).

For some of the translations of the LUI into other languages, further materials (e.g., a fully completed translation of the LUI and guidelines or a manual for use based on completed studies) are available for use by speech-language professionals and researchers free of charge. Where this is the case, a separate web page is being created for each language to provide professionals and researchers with the most up-to-date information and materials concerning these translations. The content of these pages is provided and updated by the primary researchers involved, whose contact information is provided for further correspondence if desired.

At present further materials are available for the following translations of the LUI:

LUI - Français (Canada) / LUI - French (Canada)

LUI - Italiano (Italia) / LUI - Italian (Italy)

LUI - Norsk (Norge) / LUI - Norwegian (Norway)

LUI - Polski (Polska) / LUI - Polish (Poland)

LUI - Português (Portugal) / LUI - Portuguese (Portugal)

If you are a speech-language professional and have any further questions or feedback concerning these translations, please feel free to contact the primary investigators listed or Daniela O’Neill directly at We welcome hearing from you as work continues on developing translations of the LUI.

If you are a researcher interested in conducting a translation of the LUI, please consult where you will find more information and a set of guidelines to inform potential authors of translations as to conditions for obtaining a (free) license for the purposes of translation and adaptation of the LUI into another language from the publisher of the LUI, Knowledge In Development, Inc. Researchers interested in conducting translations/adaptations to other languages may also contact Daniela O'Neill directly at to find out more about the required procedures.